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Worldwide Women Artists

Worldwide Women Artists is an international collective of women artists showing and selling our original art through the worldwide web. As women artists, we give birth to our ideas in a variety of styles and media. We embrace the diversity of each other's work, celebrating the joy of creating our art and sharing it with the world.

As artists, we sell our own original inspired creations. You won't find any mass-produced, soulless work here. We work in a variety of styles and artistic media:


Abstract * Impressionist * Contemporary * Representational * Outsider * Folk Art * Pop Art * Surrealist * Cubist


Oil Paint * Acrylics * Watercolors * Fine Art Photography * Sculpture * Painted Tiles * Collage/Mixed Media * Pen and Ink


Landscapes * Seascapes * Architectural * Nudes/Figures * New Age/Mystical/Spiritual * Floral * Fantasy * Still Life * Domestic Animals * Wildlife * Portraits * Commissions

Art for Charities: Get Great Art and Support Your Favorite Causes!

Worldwide Women Artists believes strongly in supporting charitable causes. We use our art to support causes worldwide, including women's causes and shelters, disaster relief, AIDS victims, the elderly, homelessness, hunger, blindness, animals (such as the SPCA and Humane Society), to name only a few. We hope you will take a moment to view our charity listings on eBay Each listing details the generous percentage to be donated and the benefiting nonprofit.

Links to some of our member artist's websites

Laura Milnor Iverson
Laura Milnor Iverson, California Artist offering oil paintings of impressionist landscapes, seascapes, florals, critters and angels.

Teresa M. Turner
Teresa M. Turner, artist, creating landscapes, castle art, florals, animal art, and sculptural works.

Tamu Ngina
Specializing in abstract, expressionistic, folk, ethnic and Judaic art.

Michelle Collins
Original Paintings by Florida artist Michelle Astuto Collins.

Griselda Tello
Visionary Artist Griselda Tello welcomes you to view her collection of Mystical paintings and Spirit Art Dolls.

Loretta Louviere
South Louisiana Artist Oil Paintings, Pochade Boxes, Wet Panel Carriers

Kim Bailey
Kim Bailey's art is psychedelic, surreal, and full of symbolism.

Nicole M.
Nicole's art expresses the process of life, growth & duality. In addition to her portfolio, Nicole also offers Fine Art Photography.

Stella Violano
Fine art and murals featuring historic and wildlife themes by artist Stella Violano.

Barbara Haviland
Barbara is a sight painter and loves to paint what she sees. Barbara is self-taught and has been painting for over 25 years.

Angie Ibarra
Angie Ibarra is a Houston area artist who is passionate about capturing the essence of emotion, whether it be disturbing or blissful, through the sensuality and beauty of a curvy woman.

Shelby McClarty
Shelby McClarty specializes in detailed watercolors often with a humorous or whimsical theme such as cats and other animals.

Michelle Shirley
Original art for LITTLE children with big DREAMS.

Janice Paine-Dawes
Janice Paine-Dawes, Tropicaltime Studio, oil and acrylic paintings range from representational and impressionist tropical landscapes and florals in her signature Key West Country style to commissioned formal portraits.

Theresa Bernhardt
Theresa Bernhardt, Arbor Studios. Multi-faceted art studio featuring the work of Theresa Bernhardt, specializing in art glass, mixed media paintings and tile murals.

Lisa Everett
Florida artist offering hand-painted tiles, canvas paintings, and other functional art in a bright, colorful, whimsical style.

Susan Olga Linville
Self-taught artist featuring animals, especially cats.

Catherine Darling Hostetter
Original watercolor and acrylic paintings of landscapes, florals and animals.

Rebecca Stringer Korpita
The art of Rebecca Stringer Korpita featuring lighthearted art from a southern woman's perspective including humorous paintings of women, dogs, cats and pet portraits plus fun beach, ocean, seashore art.

Trish Laffrenere
Original one of a kind acrylic paintings and hand painted functional art.

Tracey R Gates
Original creations involving handmade jewelry, customized ponies, and paintings featuring works of fantasy, women’s spirituality, and the unusual.

Connie Black-Foster
Connie Black-Foster from Southwest MO features Original Oil, Acrylic, and Mixed Media Paintings. Commission work for paintings of any size including murals is gladly accepted!

Doris H. David
Doris H. David is an eclectic artist who employs many media in her work, and is not bound to any particular style of painting, preferring instead to sample from the full palette of life.

MaraDawn Studios
Come to visit Dawn Sebaugh's site MaraDawn Studios, in her abstract paintings you will find your way into intriguing aspects of her art...where color, form and textures find a place to meet in one canvas, in a symphony of symbiotic patterns and magical wonder.

Art by Lori
Lori Flagg is a California artist with a passion for wildlife and the pets we love. Whether furred, feathered or finned she paints the world around her.

Cristal Moser
Fine and illustrative arts of Cristal Moser using many traditional 2D medias, and featuring watercolor portraits.

Pat Desselle
Pat Desselle offers acrylic paintings, wheel-thrown pottery,and Native American Spirit Horses.

Thaneeya's art ranges from detailed photorealism to funky abstract to whimsical pop.

Amy L. Rawson
Amy L. Rawson offers one of a kind original art dolls, sculptures, paintings, digital art and more.

Day-Lee Mojo Arts
Paintings by Melinda Dalke in watercolor, acrylic, pastel, pencil and ink. Cats, flowers and many other subjects.

Christie specializes in abstract digital art and 3D digital art.

Shelley Xie
Pressed Flower Art and beyond for your home decoration needs.

Barb Bowlsby
Original artwork produced by Canadian artist Barb Bowlsby, primarily abstract impressionism. Most are acrylic, but some mixed media, water and pastel.

Fran Brooks
Original oil paintings by Tennessee/North Carolina artist Fran Brooks, specializing in realistic and impressionistic art at a reasonable price.

Abstract Art by Hiromi
Contemporary art for your home or office.

Michelle Bridges
Michelle Bridges, San Antonio Texas artist, specializing in pop art, portraits and photography.

Lisa Buck
A New York artist painting original oil paintings, creating fantastic intriguing sculptures for twelve years. Come check out the magic!

Andrea Hermitt
Andrea Hermitt is a decorative artist specializing in art for childrens room and Christian Art.

Katelyn Alain
Fine Art Paintings in Oil and Mixed Media.

Deborah Gregory
Watercolor art cards designed by Canadian artist, Deborah Gregory. Images reflect love of family life and rural living. Each card measures 8.5 x 5.5 and is signed and dated by the artist.

KFB Art Studio
Original paintings in the Naive, Primitive, Folk Art style.

Tina M. Maravelis
Digital surreal abstract works created from her photography.

Shannon Perez
Shannon Perez is an Artist and budding photographer living just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. She creates Art Trading Cards, Acrylic and Watercolor Paintings and Usable Art Objects with her major focus being on Mixed Media.

Shawn Marie Hardie
Offering abstract, surreal and expressionist art for your home or office. Always unique - Always original.

Deborah Sprague
Professional Artist Deborah Sprague - Unique ART including Abstracts, Plein Air paintings, Ceramics, raku, Fused glass and ART jewelry.

Artworks by Julia Tile Murals
Tile murals, decorative hand painted ceramic tiles for kitchen, backsplash or bathroom murals, custom tile painting and design for homeowners, decorators and designers.

A Latin American artist, Santimar offers original art with a variety of themes: people, cultural, landscapes and religious.

Sankofa's Fine Art Gallery
Sankofa is a fine artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. She paints with oil, watercolor and acrylics, while exploring abstracts, realism, collage, murals, and many other mixed mediums. She uses her drawing skills for her coloring book series.

Orphic Art
The mystical Art of Rachel K. Cox.

Sandra Merwin
As a third-generation native Montanan, her paintings capture the energy and motion of her deep connection to the land and the animals of Montana.

Denise M. DesLauriers
Scratchboard drawings and paintings by Denise M. DesLauriers. Information about the artist and her artwork, along with galleries of her scratchboard drawings and paintings.

Whimsical Wonders by Kris
Hand-Sculpted Clay figurines. One-of -a Kind. Kids/People, Animals, Houses, Cars and more.

Intuitive Art by Andrea Barram
Andrea Barram offers original intuitive art in the areas of abstract, still life, contemporary tribal, surrealism, and inner-child art. Her primary media are oil pastels and acrylics on watercolor paper or canvas.

Jessica Hoel
Acrylic Paintings, Digital Photo Art, and Mixed Media, by Jessica Hoel (Boston, MA/Providence, RI).

Pam Peters
Original watercolors and mixed media art by Pam Peters.

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