Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Something for the garden

I've been working in my flower beds and getting things all pretty. I decided my garden needed a cardinal, so here he is. (I had a butterfly on flowers painted on this rock, but after the years it wore off, I like this one better.) I did the cardinal this past weekend.

This next one I did just tonight.

Yep, a tree frog. kinda a big tree frog. My hubby bought me a cute little birdbath with lily pads, and when I say little I mean it comes up to my knee only. Since it has lily pads, I thought the garden needed a frog. : ) ...Any guesses what I'll paint on a rock for my garden next???

Oh ya, see those acrylic bottles of paint behind the frog? These are the paints I used during my first year or more of painting. Good and cheap, but things definately needed more than one coat.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New accessories store on etsy!

I have decided to open a second etsy store, featuring my fiber/textile art accessories and jewellery items!
Please do visit there soon and take a peek ( comments welcome,bear in mind that it's still being added to so not all the stock is there yet!)
I have worked so hard and achieved some well earned success in designing and selling these pieces. I do not compromise myself and copy the work of others, as I believe there is room for everybody to do their own thing.Consequently I was REALLY upset to find that not just one,but now TWO of my previous customers have bought pieces from me in order to copy and sell for themselves - have these people no integrity? ( or originality,skill,imagination or shame for that matter?):(....sorry, I won't dwell on that, but cannot help but feel offended!
Anyways,the new store
showcases my pieces beautifully,much better and still the original and BEST QUALITY accessories of this type-and of course,my original store will continue to be crammed full of mixed media and textile art as always! Take a peek now!

New ACEO Designs available now!

These are just a few of my latest ACEO creations currently available for sale-CLICK HERE to visit my store and view now!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Although originally intended to be an abstract, this little 5x7 watercolor on canvas panel wanted to be a vividly colored sunset instead. Who am I to argue with a stubborn muse?

A Wicked Ass Contest for some free art work

The rules are simple. be either my 300th subscriber ( come on call me a sub whore... do it talk dirty to me!) or Give 3 ( three) crazy or sweet things about you that make you unique. Your all special so now you need to figure out WHY!
The winner(s) will receive an 8x10 original oil painting by me.:D you get to chose the subject matter so you need to think about what you;d want!
Contest is open until midnight ( EST) June 30 2009.
Winners will be chosen by my kids ( so I guess that means you need to keep parental guidance suggest at the very most!)
I'd prefer video responses but you can always leave a text comment if you need to, I won't judge you too hardly for it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cosmo: Portrait of a Dog

A 9x11" colored pencil portrait of Cosmo, a Shepard Collie mix I had about 19 years ago.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dream - Art Quilt Hanging

Beautiful vibrant silk and organza fabrics are the backdrop for this gorgeous fiber art doll hanging.This work incorporates hand dyed fabrics,machine embroidery,handpainted letter stamps,beautiful painted handmade clay face cab,rare genuine vintage earring embellishment and metallic threads-just lovely!
Work measures (approx) 7" x 9" and is lightly stiffened, backed with upholstery fabric and hangs from the narrow wooden dowel already attached ready for you to display and enjoy immediately!

I am so pleased to be offering for sale this darling little textile art piece,it would really make a splendid addition to any art collection!
Available for sale now- Click HERE to view more details.

Ten Random Things About Art Response

ights free music from again

This is my response to the "Ten Random Things About Art " I totally cheat by adding some 10a 10 b etc but then again it's my challenge and rule were meant to be broken :P Actually it was more becuase I had to distill mine down from 25 random things. it's a bit of a crap video, but what the hey. All the art work (except for the first piece which is by Margret Keane , a brilliant Big Eyed Artist, and the child painting, which was done by my daughter AND both are favourites of mine) are original piece by moi.
All my videos are free to use for anyone who wants, the only request is that you do not suggest that the art work is your own! OTHERWISE have fun!

sorry about the fumbling voice over.I never realized I had a speech impediment until I started hearing my own voice recorded!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Photograph of a beautiful pansy in my yard. It is the only one, which is why I have titled this photo *Lonely*

Sunday, May 03, 2009


A cup of tea and a break from the fast pace of life. Available through my Etsy store, and visit my blog to view more paintings.

watercolour still life painting
4" x 6" watercolour
© 2009

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Beautiful fabric and hand stamped lettering in this mixed media ACEO,simply entitled 'ART'
Work includes fibers,stitch,paper,handmade felt,sequins,beads and one of my own hand made clay face cabs. It is backed with beautiful handmade natural kozo paper with leaf and petal inclusions. Gorgeously tactile piece of art.
Individual addition to your art card collection!
Signed and dated on the reverse.
Currently for sale in my store HERE!

What are ACEOs???? ACEO is the acronym for "Art Cards Editions and Originals". An ACEO is a small piece of art that can be defined by it's convenient 2.5 x 3.5 inch size. (Standard trading card size)
ACEOs are VERY different from trading cards however, because they are CREATED and traded or sold by artists. All my ACEOs are absolute ORIGINAL pieces of art! (Some artists choose to sell prints of their work -'editions' )

ACEOs are created in any medium available in the art world. Artists are creating them in ALL kinds of styles and varieties. There are no rules limiting the artist, outside of the size dimensions. ACEOs can be framed, propped, used as bookmarks,grouped together in larger frames......use YOUR imagination! Trading Card notebooks, sleeves and holders can all be used to display them.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Opus No. 9

This is a new watercolor further exploring abstract.

The Bananaquit

This is a 9x12" colored pencil painting on watercolor paper of the Bananaquit, (following info from Wikipedia) : "The Bananaquit is a very small bird attaining an average length of 11 cm. It has a slender, curved bill, adapted to taking nectar from flowers. It sometimes pierces flowers from the side, taking the nectar without pollinating the plant. It cannot hover like a hummingbird, and must always perch while feeding. It will also eat fruit and insects. It often visits gardens and may become very tame."
According to Wikipedia the entire belly should be yellow, but the photo I used as a reference had this coloration.