Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I now have magnets with images of my paintings. So I was looking on etsy, and seeing all these cute marble magnets and thought I'd give it a try. First I tried regular computer paper, but then I tried card stock, and that worked much better. I used mod podge to seal the picture before glueing it onto the marble. Bought some good 3/4" button magnets and E600 glue. I think they turned out good. I like them. I have Splendor In the Meadow magnet for sale at my etsy shop http://luvs2paint.etsy.com/ and will be posting more every day.

Vincent Lil' Blockhead

lil' blockheads vincent
Originally uploaded by wickedollz
snerk Another in my famous artist series of lil' blockheads. I love Vincent , the hubster didn't recognize this, but it hadn't been painted yet. Hopefully he's recognizable.

Monday, September 29, 2008

lil' Frida Block Head

So I decided to try an NON-Monster style Block head...she tuned out OK I think :D
I may try her on Etsy soon

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Curiosity ACEO

Mixed media aceo with teeny tiny art doll tag in a stitched pocket!
Currently for sale in my etsy store CLICK HERE to visit!

View from a Loft

The 2nd in a series I am doing on views from windows. I have 8 views sketched out and waiting to be made, so will be busy for awhile :-)
This is 18x22" made from fabric, the first of the series View from a Porthole can be seen on my blog.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pit Stop

I finished this guy tonight... taking lots of time to glaze the background. So many different colours in it... all glazed together: purple, yellow, green, gold, and blue. This little guy is available through my Etsy store.

chickadee watercolour painting
Pit Stop
4" x 5" watercolour
© 2008

Winter woods by Peggy Conyers

8x10 Oil Painting
Ending soon on Ebay

Friday, September 26, 2008

New fairy Painting!

fairy5 006
Originally uploaded by wickedollz
One of my impish fairies, done in acrylic on a 60 year old children's building block saved out of the school.

Should be up on etsy later this weekend

fairy5 003

Abstractions "A River"

This original piece measures 17" x 13.5" and was done entirely by machine. It was made using both batiks and cottons. The top was sewn together as a whole and then mounted on unstretched canvas. I have left lots of canvas on the sides so that this piece can be mounted and framed. It has been finished with two coats of varnish for UV protection. As you can see there really is no "right side up" for this piece, you can hang it which ever way you like best.
Available in my etsy shop.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy Days

I've been fiddling around with my NEW Etsy Shop. I decided to change the name of my shop. I'm trying to re-brand my work with my own name instead of wickeddollz. There's a soft pron site using that name and I'm getting tired of emails asking me if such & such a model is going to be featured. snerk.

My daughters been home sick, but I haven't been called in for work at the jobby job yet this week so thats a relief. It;s also afforded me the time to actually work on all this stuff.

I entered a photograph for the photocontest this weeks theme is Identity this is my entry you can see it in the contest HERE
This was fun. My shoes are part of my Identity. I'm enjoying looking at everyone's view of themselves. :D

If you follow my blog you'll also have seen my Lil' monsters :D I'm hoping to have these crazy little characters ready for Etsy, or possibly Ebay, (Ebay.ca is having a 5 cent listing day today. But I'm not sure if I can get it together to list them :/ ) I'm having fun with them too

I also continued the ZOMBIE CHICKEN joke thats been going on over at the EBSQ forum ( sorry the jokes in the members section) with a quick photoshop zombified chicken

SO I'll be around today. Hopefully making and listing more art, generally taking care of a sick and drink far too much coffee.

ah coffee you elixir of life

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fairy Dance

Mixed media painting on canvas,finished with a light glaze to seal, 'Fairy Dance is a light and airy work with a lovely feminine feel! Currently for sale in my ebay stor-CLICK HERE to visit

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008


This is a textile art altered style doll ACEO entitled 'Serenity'.
Work includes stamped images,inks,papers,fabrics,threads,fibres and button embellishement-lovely piece!
An unusual and interesting addition to your art card collection!
Signed and dated on the reverse.
Currently for sale HERE - go take a peek!

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Art Pendants!

Here's a couple more woodburned and painted art pendants I have for sale on my website or Etsy shop:


This one is a magnet:

This one is a pendant and not Native American themed like the others:


Sharon K. Shubert

new aceos

Used several different methods to do these, the little girls, I painted the card, and then glued the girls on, border is what was cut from the card below it.
The duckie background scene was painted with watercolors, then I found that little duck in a magazine and it was perfect so glued it on and the words, which are fabric.
Wish is on a painted black background (watercolor), the figure is from a magazine and was shown as a jewelry holder..lol..again, the words are fabric and can mean whatever you want them too, I wish I looked like that..LOL
The 2 plain ones were done by the shaving cream marbling method using watercolor paints and they may just stay plain because I love them the way they are :-)
Strawberry one was also done with the shaving cream, strawberries are fabric glued on, I have since painted a thin *chocolate* border around this one.
They have all been given a coat of gel medium and when dry will do another of matte medium and then later one of varnish. They are all made using 140lb watercolor paper.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Her Royal Highness

I had a blast painting this little kitty... the painting of the hairs were almost meditative... each hair getting its own little stroke of paint. This painting is now available for $75 through my etsy store.

Her Royal Highness
6" x 6" oil on stretched canvas
© 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rascal aceo

Here's my latest painting, entitled Rascal aceo. My brother-in-law was live trapping squirrels to release else where, when he accidently caught a racoon. My mother-in-law called to tell us about it and to ask my husband if he could go to Tim's and release him since Tim wasn't home. I had been wanting to see a live racoon in person for quite a few years, so I was very excited when this opportunity presented itself. We quickly grabbed the cameras and jumped in the car. When we got there, here this cute racoon sat, stuck in a cage, so we quickly took a few pictures of him, trying not to freak him out more than he already was. Boy did he keep his eyes on my husband the whole time, following his every move.
While standing as far back as possible, Paul used a crowbar to open the cage. I was sitting safely in the car at this time. Once the cage was open, Paul quickly ran to the other side of the car to get more distance between him and the racoon. The racoon slowly came to the door of the cage, looked around, and then took off to a wood pile. It was very exciting to see him be released. Thank you Tim.
I have this painting for sale at my etsy shop, http://luvs2paint.etsy.com/

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Purple Mountains Majesty

Medium: OILS on wood panel.

Dimensions: 5"x7"
Now on etsy

Woodburned CHOPSTICKS! Order Sushi Now!

Ok all you sushi lovers.....I am now woodburning OOAK sets of chopsticks. :)) These are quality round wooden chopsticks that I've owned for a number of years but never used. They have been stored clean and dry and wrapped.

I decided to see what I could do with them art-wise late last night.

I have more that I may combine woodburning and painting on. Here's the first set that I finished this morning; they've been hanging to dry all day in the studio. I applied polyurethane for long-lasting use.

For sale in my Etsy shop! Click below:


Sharon K. Shubert aka redladyart.com

Monday, September 08, 2008


Acrylic painting on block gallery wrapped canvas measuring 40cm x 50cm x 4cm and sealed with a light matt artist's varnish. Lovely rich blues-a very atmospheric work, the pic doesn't do this one justice!
Currently for sale HERE - take a look!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Woodburned & Painted Pendants

I have been creating some wearable art pendants and magnets with a Native American theme. These smaller works are perfect for small gifts for stocking stuffers, or just buy one for yourself. :)

For sale in my Etsy shop:

I finished two more today besides the three shown here, and just added them to my Etsy shop and will be adding more this coming week.


Come on by and browse around. I have lots of OOAK original art items for sale!

Sharon K. Shubert aka redladyart

Le Cadeau du Cheval, The Horse Gift mural, unveils!

I've been honored to participate in the Horse Gift Mural. This project was so professionally executed it was a pure joy to be one of it's artists.

My panel is #170, and you can see it's location because the white arrows point to it. If you click the Horse Gift link above, you'll be taken to the live mural, and once there, you can click on each individual painting.

Le Cadeau du Cheval was run by two artists, Phil Alain and Lewis Lavoie. They've also completed other murals, click around their site so see the wonders they've created with the help of many other artists.

This mural is touted as being completed by the "finest equine artists in the world". I can't help but love knowing I was part of that!

The photo of the unveiling was furnished by my friend, Twyla Wehnes, who attended the unveiling. If you click the photo, you can see a larger version. Be sure to visit the link to Le Cadeau du Cheval, to see the live mural.
Donna Ridgway

Horse Portrait aceo

Last weekend I was sitting on our newly done deck, the old one was rotting away, drawing out this guy. Well, with school starting, that means back to work for me. I work in the lunchroom at an elementary school for 2.5 hours a day. Basically I am running around like crazy washing tables. For most this would be no big deal, but I have a muscle weakness, so it takes quite a bit out of me. So yesturday, I was finally able to sit down and finish my Horse Portrait. I used Watercolor Pencils & Colored Pencils on Watercolor paper. Normally I do my shadows with alot of purple and blue, but this time I wanted to keep it a bit more realistic and have alot of gray in there. I didn't know if it was going to turn out, but I am happy with it. It feels really good to get back to my art after a very busy week. You can find this on my website at http://www.brendathour.com/ look under aceo's. It can also be found on my etsy shop at http://www.luvs2paint.etsy.com/

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Not Quite Ready...

The days are shorter and the kids are back to school. The nights are cooler and leaves are already falling off the oaks in my yard. I know what's coming but I am not quite ready fall, just yet.
Just hanging on to the last blooms a little while longer.

White Poppy

Thursday, September 04, 2008



Acrylic painting on block gallery wrapped canvas (size 30cm x 40cm x 4cm), currently available for sale in my ebay store CLICK HERE to visit there now!