Monday, June 30, 2008

Little Farm in Pemberton

I visited this little farm a couple years ago up by Pemberton, British Columbia. A beautiful area surrounded by snow crested mountains and small family farms. It was very relaxing to put paint something loose instead of the detailed projects lately. I hope you enjoy this little painting.

house oil painting
Little Farm in Pemberton
6" x 6" oil on stretched canvas
© 2008
Available, $75

This painting, and others, are available either through my Etsy store or by contacting me.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My son's Macaw, Cheeko

It's so much fun to paint my son's Macaw. Cheeko is all colors of the rainbow. In this painting, I wanted to capture the way Cheeko looks when he's really interested in something and about to pounce on it. My son said I captured the look really well. He also thought I captured a look of movement in this, with my "electric" lines. According to my son, I did good on this. :)

I keep practicing over and over, doing small paintings of this bird, so when I do the large portrait-I'll know what I'm doing. I send all these small paintings to my son, he has a lot of them on his wall!

There are maybe 50 layers of differing colors on this painting. You can't see them all, my scanner gets so confused when I ask it to scan something like this, it hates thalo colors for one thing. Another thing it hates are very subtle nuances of color. Like when I painted the beak and Cheeko's black feathers, I created the black from using all the colors in the bird. Green, red, orange, yellow, payne's grey, in many, many layers. The background is grey, but has so many layers of colors .... I love painting in layers and glazes.

So in real life, this painting is about 5o times brighter than it shows here. And Cheeko's head is green, more than blue...Wish you could see the real thing!
Donna Ridgway
Email Me if you have questions, or want to inquire about purchasing a painting.

Remember, you can find horse art , Western art, Mule and Donkey art
wildlife art, cow art, and animal paintings, my reference photosfor sale on my website.

Serengeti Sunrise

The very first new work to come out of my new studio, this is still a work in progress, while I consider whether or not to add borders , and I have some small embellishments I want to add after I decide. Will post a completely finished photo then. At this time it is a 24" square, 100% cotton , fusible appliqué

I'm Very Proud Of My New Squidoo Lenses!

I've been spending quite a bit of time the past few days setting up my new lenses on Squidoo.

These lenses give me a venue to express how important my faith is to me in my art and how absolutely vital it is to my business.

Please check them out if you have a few minutes (I know that some of you already have and thanks), I think you'll enjoy them!

If you're a Christian, I hope they will encourage you to strengthen and test your faith by trusting in God and letting Him make those important decisions for you.

Have a great day!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Bracelets - Staci Rose Designs

It's summer and it's been hot! Hot for San Francisco for sure! Mark Twain was right when he said "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." And, this is usually the case, but we've had a couple of over 90 degree days where the natives have no idea what to do! Most people don't have air conditioning in the city because the water that surrounds us usually does the trick. But, not this summer!

Inspired by the summer, I have been creating...and my photographer, David Torres, has been very busy! Here are a few Summer Bracelets - I hope you enjoy!

Garden Secrets
Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Pearl, Crazy Horse Stone, Unakite, Green Garnet, Peridot, Yellow Turquoise & Red Hair Quartz Charm!

Coral, Carnelian, Moukaite,
Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby,
Red Hair Quartz, Rhodonite

Joyful Waters
Aventurine, Turquoise,
Fluorite, Pearl,

Sunny Fun
Calcite, Quartz, Coral, Carnelian, Red Aventurine, Nephrite Jade, Pearl, Unakite, Serpentine & Yellow Turquoise

Ophelia's Waters
Lapis, Chrysocolla, Pearl, Malachite, Turquoise, Shell, Chalcedony, Onyx, Fluorite

I will be adding more bracelets to my Etsy shop in the days and weeks to come: You can always email me at but, they fly like hotcakes - so be sure to check often!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Elephant Portrait

I have really been enjoying doing these wild animal portraits. This one is 12x16, oil on stretched canvas, stapled on the back. The sides are painted as a continuation of the painting.
This painting can be purchased through my website at look under Wildlife.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Newest BIRDIE OOAK Original ACEO

Created this collage' ACEO today and listed it in my Etsy shop.

All of my ACEO's are one-of-a-kind originals. I don't make prints of them. They are marked 1/1 on the back, for collecting purposes, signed and dated.

Come on by and browse through my shop. I have over 40 ACEO's at this time and more on my website:

I also have acrylic paintings, miniature polymer clay sculptures, paper art and digitial art.

Sharon K. Shubert Art Designs

'Kitten Eyes' Scratchboard Drawing

My art for this post is a miniature scratchboard artwork titled 'Kitten Eyes, Too'. The scratchboard size is 6" x 4". This little cutie is also from my 'Cat Eyes' series. Baby animals are all legs and all eyes. Their awkward appearance adds to their attraction for us. I grew up on a farm and one of my spring activities was looking for new kittens. You can contact me with any comments or questions you might have.

Kitten Eyes, Too, Miniature Scratchboard Artwork, Collection of B. Thomas

Worldwide Women Artists is pleased to announce it's international group exhibit for the month of June. Visit this month's WWAO Online Exhibition titled, Getting Away From It All, hosted by member artist Lava Jewelry.

Visit 'Worldwide Women Artist who Blog' for a list of the greatest women artist bloggers from around the world!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome to Venice

It was a warm Spring day when I exited the train station in Venice and realized how different, exciting and fun this trip would be! Sadly, most of my slides from this trip are missing.
I stumbled across a tube of Venetian here we are!
Welcome to Venice

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Caterpillar Haiku acrylic painting

New listings in my Etsy shop include several acrylic paintings. This is one of them, titled, "Caterpillar Haiku". It includes my original 5/7/5, 17-syllable HAIKU painted in at the bottom.

(((click on the pic to see it larger)))

Come on by and see my other new listings and I'll put the coffee on!


Million Signatures - Yours Counts!! (ALL Countries)

Everyone can sign - please do!! Please take a minute and do this!!

Pink Portico

Pink Portico, Digital © Diane Clancy


A Million People Against the Orphan Works Bill

We support this petition. We urge you to sign it. Please forward the link and urge others to sign.

You can help increase the power of the petition by signing your real name and listing your artistic specialties.

If you are not a US citizen, we suggest that you note your country, and state if it is a member of the Berne Convention.

This petition is sponsored by A Million People Against the Orphan Works Bill, a new grassroots group founded by multimedia journalist Steve Lehman on Facebook and Flickr. All people are welcome to participate; it is not exclusive to these websites.

In 1987, Lehman broke the story of Tibetan unrest, later profiled in his award winning book "The Tibetans Struggle to Survive." As a visual artist intimately acquainted with the power of free speech, the protection afforded by the right to privacy, and the critical need for independent voices, Lehman, like the rest of us, is deeply troubled by any national policy that affects artists' control over their works.

Please forward this message to every artist you know.

For additional information about Orphan Works developments, go to the IPA Orphan Works Resource Page for Artists at:

~ Diane Clancy

Warm Summer Boat

I've finally finished this painting (been working on it for quite some time now). Its based on a photograph from Gibson's Landing on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. There were so many of these character boats in the harbour its was hard to pick just one for this painting.

oil marine painting
Warm Summer Boat
8" x 10" oil on stretched linen
© 2008

oil marine painting
detail © 2008

If you are interested in this painting, or would like to commission one, feel free to email me at:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Strike a Pose

I was taking a look at all the birds that I have painted today and realized that pretty much all of them face the same direction... almost every single bird faces to the left. Weird, eh? Well, just because I have come to this realization, the next bird I paint is going to face the right.

robin oil painting
"Strike a Pose"
2.5" x 3.5" oil on gessoed canvas paper
© 2008

This guy (and many more)is available through my Etsy shop.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Custom Oil Painting Mountain Trail by Renée Gandy

Now offering a custom 30"x24" oil painting on etsy, ebay store and web site.
I have been getting some very good orders for custom paintings so I am expanding my listings of these.

Pony aceo

This one is another aceo of a cute little pony. I really like how he turned out. He is oil on watercolor paper. This one and the two chipmunks aceos, from the previous post are all sold. My first aceo sales. Yah!!!
I want to have prints made of these and some others that are in private collections and post at my etsy shop at They will also soon to be found in my shop.

Rooster Pop Art By Retro Art By Jan

Rooster Pop Art 
Custom paintings
By Jan A. Sullivan

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Retro Art By Jan~ Koi Fish

The ice has melted!
I love my happy pond outside ~ KOI FISH for your home.
So I have been in the pond groove !
I love detailed black outlines - I have found much love here!
This piece is available for sale.
Size is 20x10 inches 
Thick Chunky, Staple free sides painted
No Frame needed.
Yummy bright professional grade acrylic paints with a protective spray coating.
Signed front & Back with title.
Please contact me direct.
Email or by phone
I always take custom orders - if you would like Your own personal Koi Fish ~ Send me a photo!
Thank You
Retro Art By Jan

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gipsy Rose ACEO

Altered art ACEO incorporating an image from one of my original paintings and a beautful rose pin. Currently for sale in my ebay store- CLICK HERE to visit!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Le Cadeau du Cheval, The Horse Gift

Le Cadeau du Cheval, The Horse Gift
A huge mural project made of individual paintings. The top image is the panel I received, and the image below is what I created from the colors and patterns of the top image.

While I was waiting for my panel to arrive, I thought about what the "horse gift" meant to me. The first thing that came to my mind was what a mare contributes when she "gives" us a foal. She must depend upon us to care for her very body and soul while she carries this baby, then after it's born, she gives the foal many gifts...her wisdom, curiosity, tolerance, patience....

It is then up to us to honor this gift she has given us and take on the responsibility of caring for her and her foal until he becomes the horse we train and ride.

The color purple fit this idea perfectly, as to me, the mare has a royal undertaking in her part in our schemes!

I'll be mailing this finished panel off to Canada tomorrow. Once it's placed in it's spot on the mural grid, you'll be able to see it there. Some artist's work has all ready been placed, go see them! You can watch the mural come about.
Donna Ridgway

Tiki Mugs By Retro Art By Jan

Yay!! Tiki Mug Season!! That's year'round right? 
How to Order A Tiki Mug
This is a large mold that I work from. It is a custom mold made in Hawaii, this is so popular and such a great addition to any collection.  This mug holds 5 cups of fluids & is safe to drink from. One color is a base price of $50. All paint designs are original, I sign & date the bottom of each piece. I do take requests of colors. Prices start at $50 to $100 depending on the details & paint choice. Sometimes more if there is gold involved as there are extra steps and product.
I would need to know of the date you need your pieces by. Once deposit is received & design colors are confirmed. I complete all custom pieces within 2 weeks or sooner, depending on how many orders I have. I require 50% deposit to begin your tiki mug, payment in full upon completion. I send a photo of the completed piece prior to shipping. Please feel free to call if you have any questions, I am a full time artist - This is my studio number.  
Tiki Time!! 

Little Chickadee

I painted this one with a fairly limited palette leaning mostly with the cooler colours... with all the drizzle here on the west coast (and cool temperatures) it hardly feels like summer. I'm hoping the warm weather comes soon!

chickadee oil painting
"Little Chickadee"
3.5" x 2.5" watercolour on paper
© 2008

Friday, June 06, 2008


New ACEO design currently for sale HERE in my etsy store. this work is entitled 'Fairy Crown' and includes collaged image form one of my original paintings,bautiful fibres and star charm.

Dikdik - Dwarf Antelope

I did this painting last weekend. It is 5x7 on gallery wrapped canvas.
When I saw this little guy, I knew I was going to paint him, he is just so adorable with those big beautiful black eyes. I had to look up on the internet to find out what kind of animal he is. He is a Dwarf Antelope from Africa called a dikdik. (kind of a strange name)
The reference photo came from Dr. Thomas Trainer, with permission of course. He is so very generous and sweet to allow me the

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Textile Art Treasure Box

This is one of my latest designs-a flower topped Sujati Treasure Box,measuring around 8cm x 8cm x 8cm, luxuriously padded and lined.
Commissions in your preferred colours welcome!
Currently for sale HERE!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm a Writer, So COMMISSION Me!

Love someone but don't know how to tell them? Want to send a romantic loving poem or note to a special person? Need someone to write website content? A business article? What to do when you don't know WHAT TO SAY or HOW to say it? COMMISSION ME to write it for you!!!

I am a published author of short stories, poetry, prose, HAIKU, and business articles. I've also recently began to write TANKA.

I will even personalize the poem or note including yours and the recipient's name.


What you will receive is the finished poem or note, etc...via email attachment...if you want a special font, I can do that too. Then you can print and use as desired. This is a internet file transfer item. All writings are processed on Microsoft Word files and will be attached to the delivered email as such.

NOTE: see examples of my writing on my official website:

I will not sell your personalized poem or note, or show it to anyone but YOU. I will only keep one copy for my personal private records.

This will be FUN! Try it and see! Total price will be based on the total number of lines you have me write, and/or any extra steps you order. (such as digital art included) Balance is due in full before I email final written note, digital art design with poem, or article to you.

IF you order your writing item with digital design, as is some of my artwork, the computer file will be sent to you at 300 resolution, perfect for printing yourself. Turn around time should be no more than 2 to 3 days depending on the length of the item you are ordering. I will keep in contact with you throughout the process through email.

Questions? Email me at

Monday, June 02, 2008

Good for Girls, GREAT for Guys! New Gemstone Necklaces!

I have been so lax...and my husband has been stealing a lot...but I have created some new necklaces geared for the guys! My husband has approved each one and is letting me share these with others. He thinks this is a good arrangement - his own personal jeweler

And, like all my jewelry, I do not create duplicates, so each piece is handmade, original, one-of-a-kind. I got tired of seeing the blah shell necklaces or millions made hemp necklaces that get pretty grubby (most guys and gals treat their jewelry very differently!). And, the first men's pieces I made were for my now husband - a 6'3" man to be reckoned with if anyone said anything about his necklace. But, he hears plenty of "Oh, nice necklace!" which makes him feel like a king.

Berkeley - Shell & Onyx Necklace

African Grassland
Kambaba Jasper & Onyx Necklace

Mojave Desert -

Surreal Jasper, Shell & Wood Necklace

Pampas - Blackstone, Nephrite Jade & Serpentine

Outside -
Lapis & Wood Necklace

Motor Oil -
Blackstone & Hematite

Remember! These necklaces are meant to be worn - not merely looked at in a photo. They're created to look good around your neck, no pretension, absolutely masculine. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces; I'd even be excited to create a custom necklace just for you!

Feel free to visit my Etsy shop or email me directly:

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Anna's Hummingbird

I would like that thank Derek Scott (SSP Scottstudio Photography) who kindly gave me permission to paint this absolutely beautiful Anna's hummingbird. I was hunting for pictures of hummingbirds (still perfecting my skills in photographing them) when I was captured by this beautiful portrait of a hummingbird.

bird watercolor painting
"Anna's Hummingbird"
6" x 4" hotpress watercolor paper
© 2008

I had some fun today at a big warehouse sale at Opus today... lots of people and some absolutely great deals. I've completed loaded up with canvas, matts, and frames. Now I have no excuse to have more paintings done.