Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whispers of Blue

Gypsy Basin is a wonderful place, hidden along the Rocky Mountain Front, beneath the brow of The Old Man of the Mountain. The scenery along the way is entrancing...I love the prairie.

This photo, along with Thin Line, have been posted in my etsy store. Priced at $21, free shipping. I'd like to have my items priced so it doesn't cost anyone a fortune to own them. If you need a larger image, purchase several 8X10 items that go together, and create a grouping, or head over to my gallery, to purchase giclee prints in sizes you need.

Thanks for viewing my work.
Donna Ridgway
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Works of Many Colors: Music In Motion

Works of Many Colors: Music In Motion

Thin Line, Montana photo by Donna Ridgway

This ungrazed line of grass created a strip of drama on the prairie. We discovered this scene on our way to Gypsy Basin. If that sounds like a magical place to you, you're right, it is.

My photos can be ordered on my redbubble gallery as cards, giclee prints on canvas, posters and other items. Pricing, products and sizing to fit every home and budget.
Donna Ridgway, Nature of Montana Photography
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Friday, February 27, 2009

WWAO March Exhibit Is UP!

March's Exhibit for WWAO is being hosted by member, Kristen Evans! She has chosen the theme, "Music in Motion". Come by and see the beautiful submissions fitting this theme:

Woodburned Chopsticks

I've posted about my woodburned chopsticks in the past, but it's been awhile and I would like to mention them again. Some WWAO blog visitors may have missed it.

Shown here are a couple of my 15 (so far) designs that I've created for woodburning bamboo chopsticks. These designs turn otherwise plain, blah chopsticks into beautiful dinner setting utensils you will treasure for years to come. 8 inch flat sets, or 9 inch round sets are available.

Shown here is one set of my latest abstract designs and one set of my first design, the twisting twining leaf design. To purchase, visit my official website or my Etsy shop. Links shown below.


This piece is entitled 'Escape' and includes collaged script, inks,one of my own handmade and painted clay face cabs,beautiful handmade tag,hand pressed petals,stunning vintage bisque doll's arms and a gorgeous row of artificial pink rosebuds to complete . Sides are fully painted as a part of the work so there is no need for a frame-hang it as soon as it arrives!
The work measures (approx) 4" x 5" x 1.5" and is glazed with a soft sheen finish to enhance,seal and protect.
Currently available for sale HERE!

A wonderfully expressive, characterful and textured piece,this would make an interesting addition to any art collection!
Signed and dated on the back.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Currently for sale in my store HERE,this is a very richly colourful altered art aceo entitled 'Forever' Work includes vintage image,paints,inks,glazes and vintage paper collage .
Really soulful and interesting addition to your art card collection!
Signed and dated on the reverse.

What are ACEOs???? ACEO is the acronym for "Art Cards Editions and Originals". An ACEO is a small piece of art that can be defined by it's convenient 2.5 x 3.5 inch size. (Standard trading card size)
ACEOs are VERY different from trading cards however, because they are CREATED and traded or sold by artists. All my ACEOs are absolute ORIGINAL pieces of art! (Some artists choose to sell prints of their work -'editions' )

ACEOs are created in any medium available in the art world. Artists are creating them in ALL kinds of styles and varieties. There are no rules limiting the artist, outside of the size dimensions. ACEOs can be framed, propped, used as bookmarks,grouped together in larger frames......use YOUR imagination! Trading Card notebooks, sleeves and holders can all be used to display them.


Monday, February 23, 2009


Mixed media altered art paperbag album currently for sale in my store HERE. This is such a lovely inspiring work,packed with vintage images and tags but still with plenty of pockets and openings ready for you to add your own journalling and mementoes.Scrummy,tactile and appealing,this lovely work of altered art was NOT created from a kit,but designed and made by me using 3 altered ( unused!) kraft brown paper bags bound together with pretty checkered grosgrain ribbon.Ten pages,plus various large and small pockets,and front and back covers,all begging to be further embellished and decorated.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Art Project

This is a mixed media assemblage piece I worked on most all weekend. I sculpted the nest from salt dough, baked, then woodburned it and wrapped a long wire of rusted tin hearts around and around and adhered it. Seems a lot simpler when I just type it out, but these first steps took HOURS of work. Woodburning lumpy bumpy salt dough! Who knew? Very tedious, long process.

Next I woodburned designs into purchased paper mache' eggs and placed them in the nest with bits of splatter painted dried grasses I picked from a local wildlife refuge. All of this is permanently adhered into the nest with strong adhesive. It will not budge.

I handsculpted the bird from polymer clay then painted it and added long bamboo woodburned legs to it.

This piece was inspired by my love of nature and birds. I live in an area where I can observe Mother Nature's bounty, so a lot of my art depicts what I see just outside my door.

Click on the pics to see very large, detailed pics!

This piece is for sale in my Etsy shop:

Have a fantastic week. :)

Sharon K. Shubert

Old Cabin

I love to paint at Becker Vineyards! This old cabin is a spot I've painted in several seasons. Becker's is a beautiful stop in the Texas Hill Country, a charming place that I never tire of. The grounds are lovely and the lavender fields behind the vineyards are amazing.

"Becker's Cabin" is 11 inches tall by 14 inches wide, and is available on my web site for $395.00.


Please visit my Etsy store for original watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00.

Don't miss my website for my larger oil paintings. My studies are priced from $85.00.

Check out my blog and see new artwork, as well as the wonderful flora and fauna of the beautiful Texas Hill Country!

Thank you!

Jean Levert Hood

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Art Supply Shop at Etsy

I've opened a new Etsy shop to destash my art studio. Shown below are a few of the over 90 items in inventory so far. I have more than beads. Inventory consists of 3D ephemera for assemblage, collage and mixed media....some great pieces for art dolls also. I have a few hand tools, crafty supplies and handmade supplies. Come on by and browse around.

Sharon K. Shubert

Monday, February 16, 2009

Retro Art By Jan - New Website

Jan is designing her new website!
This site will showcase her Modern POP ART & Professional Photography.weddings, portraits, seniors, pregnancy, babies, pets images of all kinds.  Jan is currently booking weddings in Sedona, Arizona, New York & Boston, Massachusetts.  Her site is still under construction ~ Check it out Explore & ask questions!! Check back often for updates!

Contact Jan

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Original Oil Painting, Sunflowers!

I love painting flowers! I've painted many sunflowers over the years. These are those huge ones that are so very pretty. This new painting is "Sunflowers and Pear." It was painted from a still life, a small study done for a larger work.

Sunflowers and Pear, Study, is 9 inches tall by 12 inches wide is available on my website. It is available for $100.00 which includes shipping and insurance.

Please visit my Etsy store for original watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00.

Don't miss my website for more oil paintings!

Check out my blog and see new artwork, as well as the wonderful flora and fauna of the beautiful Texas Hill Country!

Thank you!

Jean Levert Hood

The Silver Box

Mixed media painting on block gallery wrapped canvas (6"x6")entitled The Silver Box. Light,whimsical style work which includes collaged papers,inks,paint and graphite. Sides are fully painted as a part of the work so this piece will not need a frame-hang it right away!
Currently for sale in my ebay store-please CLICK HERE to visit for further details of this and other items of my artwork for sale!

Silk Paintings by Mystic Silks

I have to admit that I was kinda nervous about writing todays' blog. I had no idea what I was going to write about. First I read some of the latest posts on this blog. Wonderful and interesting posts, by the way. Make sure you read them.
Then I started looking through the spectacular work of our artists on Design Style Guide, and inspiration came when I came across Mystic Silks gorgeous silk paintings.
MYSTIC SILKS creates unique silk art: Art work that can not be duplicated---one of a kind hand painted silk pieces.
"As the colored dyes touch the silk, moving through the fibers, they take on a wonderful, mysterious life of their own. A steaming process, sets the dyes, adding other dimensions and character. If you look closely you may see mysterious shapes and images."
This one is called Her Majesty, the Monarch
A Monarch butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

This one is entitled Einstein
"I love Albert, and this silk painting is a mere attempt at capturing the abstract complex thinking of Albert Einstein. It consists of symbols: hexagongs, squares, circles, and various images that appear four dimensional."

Mystic Silks calls this one Fickle Winds

Mystic Silks bio reads:
"I have enjoyed the skill of silk painting for several years, and have exhibited my creations at juried and invitational art shows. Each creation is unique.
I truly began silk art as a form of relaxation, however my Virgo personality controls the need to reach a level of perfection. Each silk creation, was a labor of love and dedication to get that certain unique appearance. Because of the steaming process my silk paintings have images that appear, if you look closely you'll see them. Look at " BlueBird Garden" Between the statue's stump, and the rose bushes you'll see the images of a man and woman.
When it comes to wearing a silk scarf I like to wear something that no one else has seen. I believe everyone has the desire to feel 'unique', special, one of a kind. And so, when I say this was created, just for you, believe it!
Each hand designed item is inspired by some muse: It could be the music I'm listening to, or a photo of something I've taken of nature. From butterlfies emerging from their cocoons, to a wee flower found on the floor of a forest. It might be an exotic mood I'm in; I have to paint it on silk. The imagination is a wonderful gift of the universe."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alpabetica Series ACEO 'Elusive'

Next in my alphabetica ACEO series,this mixed media piece is entitled 'E is for....Elusive'. Currently for sale in my ebay store CLICK HERE to visit for further details and other original works of art!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look At That Face

Pets are a big part of many of our lives. They bring us joy, unconditional love, companionship, and their antics can be hilarious. This is a little aceo oil painting of my brothers puppy, Etah. I did this for a love quest, it's just a fun little challenge that my DAWG team (Designing Artists Women Group) at Etsy does. is a wonderful site where you can find beautiful and unique homemade items such as jewlery, home decor, pottery, stained glass, furniture ...the list is endless. Just do a search for interiordesignteam on etsy, and you will be blown away by the talent these artists have.

Monday, February 09, 2009

SILENCE- Mixed Media Canvas Painting

I am delighted to be offering for sale to you this unusual mixed media painting entitled 'SILENCE'.
Created using layers of script and collaged papers,along with inks and dyes. A whimsical and strong little piece,this would make a lovely addition to any art collection.
Canvas measures 6" x 8".

A really attractive work-I'm pleased to say it has brought a "WOW!" from everyone to have viewed it so far-I don't think the photos could ever do this real justice!
The painting is lightly matt glazed to seal and protect.
Signed and dated on the reverse, this lovely piece is currently for sale in my etsy store CLICK HERE to visit there now for further details!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Raven Haiku Mixed Media Painting

Here's a new mixed media piece I did today. It's for sale on my website....titled, "Raven Haiku". See the "Watercolor and Ink" section, although it also includes collage elements and my own 5/7/5, 17-syllable haiku.

The raven is a drawing I did. I used the drawing as a template to cut it out as a silhouette from black art paper...then collaged it onto the watercolor and ink background.

Come on by my site and browse around. I'll put the coffee on. :)

I Don't Understand-Mixed Media Painting

Created in a whimsical style,this piece is entitled 'I Don't Understand' and includes collaged script,inks,paints and beautiful hand pressed hydrangea petals. Sides are fully painted as a part of the work so there is no need for a frame-hang it as soon as it arrives!
The work is glazed with a soft matt varnish to enhance,seal and protect.

Painting measures 6" x 8".
CLICK HERE to visit my store and view further pics and details of this and other original mixed media works!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Spring In The Mountains


Size 14" x 18"


A new original expressionist landscape painting with a spring theme.

For sale on etsy

Or my web site

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Painting in Progress....continued!

The current painting now has a strong base and I think I'm ready to start building in more details and adding light and warmer shades of golden limes to soften the deep purples.I'm really enjoying the process of 'in progress' photos-it's working well for me as I find I am evaluating my work more and spending a few extra moments reflecting on each stage. It was particularly useful today as I was able to spot areas where I had lost my way a little and put them right instead of realising much later on if I hadn't been studying my photos. I often hold unfinished work up to a mirror searching for an objective view,so have been 'flipping' the photos too,which has been very useful! More to follow tomorrow!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sun Over Lafayette

Title: Sun Over Lafayette

Series: Southern Landscape Series
Size 16" x 12"

Style:Abstract,Expressionist, Modern, Contemporary

A new original expressionist landscape painting direct from my studio.

For sale on Etsy

Or my web site

WWAO's February Exhibit is UP!

The Worldwide Women Artists Online (WWAO) February exhibit, "FLOW" is open; hosted by WWAO member, Jean Hood. Come by and see some fabulous works of art carrying out this theme.

WWAO February Exhibit here

WWAO is an international group of juried women artists, showing and selling our art works online. We are almost 300 members strong, from all walks of life, in various stages of our art careers. You will find works in just about any medium you can think of, varied styles and subject matter.

To see more of our art, please visit the WWAO official website:

WWAO website


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lavender Fields Study

This small study is from my Lavender Fields series. It is now available in my ArtFire Studio. Lavender Fields is 8 inches tall by 6 inches wide and priced at $50.00.

The Texas Hill Country has a number of commercial lavender fields. They are spectacular in bloom. I think the fields are just as pretty in the fall. This original oil painting is from the field at Becker Vineyards. It was late in the day, drizzly and cloudy, heavy skies and storms coming.

Lavender fields, Almost night, Jean Levert Hood

Lavender loves our drier climate, and it grows well in my herb garden, too.

Please visit my Etsy store for original watercolor and oil paintings priced from $10.00 to $395.00.

Check out my blog and see new artwork, as well as the wonderful flora and fauna of the beautiful Texas Hill Country!

Thank you!

Jean Levert Hood

Color Pop New Abstract Painting

Size 36" x 24"

Style:Abstract,Expressionist, Modern, Contemporary

now for sale on etsy

He Loves Us Inspite Of Ourselves

I'm always faced on a daily basis, as many artists are, with an inner struggle about whether to create from the heart or according to industry trends. Since I make most of my living selling decorative prints, it has become quite the dilemma for me.

I know in my heart what God wants from me. He wants me to produce work for His glory and He makes it known to me quite clearly through the sales of my spiritual artworks and kind letters from wonderful people all over the world who have been touched in some way or another through my work. I know that's not me, that's Him.

Often, I veer off the path and take my own direction...I'm human, that's just what we do but it is comforting to know that He is with us always, never leaving nor forsaking us as we go through this journey.

This piece speaks to that.

The signed original is 16 X 16 inches on stretched canvas $245. It is also available in print. If interested, please visit: He Loves Us Inspite Of Ourselves at Imagekind