Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Coyote

I've created wolf and coyote art in the past, so it's not a new subject. However, this new digital design, titled, "Fall Coyote" was inspired by coming face to face with a coyote in my back yard here in Texas! I was so startled and amazed.

My husband and I were sitting out back in the wee hours of the morning (around 1:00am), just enjoying conversation, the full moon and a slight breeze. All of the sudden a coyote comes trotting across the grass just yards away! He obviously had no idea we were sitting there in the shadows.

My first reaction was trying to whistle to get his attention! lol...yes, I tried to whistle, but was so excited, the whistle wouldn't come out, so I jumped up and yelled, "HEY!!". (hahaha)

The coyote stopped in his tracks and turned around staring at me just like the coyote in this new artwork I've created. Then he took off running into the night! What a wonderful experience!

You can purchase a print of this OOAK design by visiting my website: (See the DIGITAL PRINTS section)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flame of Life

Life is not guaranteed. Scientists agree that the conditions necessary for life to occur and be nurtured and sustained on this planet are not only unlikely, but exist within such a narrow range as to be almost inconceivable. It's highly unlikely that they have occurred by chance. For so many intricate systems to balance in the way they do, is highly improbable and seems to the pondering human mind, to be virtually impossible.

If these conditions occurred by the hand of a Greater Power, they remain an equally improbable and delicate combination. For instance, if the ratio of just one element in our universe, carbon, for instance, were off only by a few degrees from where it is, life as we know it could not occur.

Whether by chance or by the hand of a benevolent Creator, or by combination of both, we cannot afford to skew or destroy the balance that makes our green, lush and gorgeous planet a haven of life for millions of species. Including us...

Personally, I hope to be part of the solution more than part of the problem. Each of us has many options for being a better earth steward. Imagine what our planet would be like if we continue to destroy land, air, water, and species. Picture a cold, stale, rocky mass, devoid of color and life. No breathable oxygen, no drinkable water, no food, no flowers, no children...

Let's speak out against the abuse of our planet. Let's get together to move our governments toward global solutions for global warming and irreversible pollution, before it's too late! Let's protect the flame of life.

"Flame of Life" is available at , or you can buy it framed at Imagekind. Text and image c Lynda Lehmann.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Artist: “Tortured Soul” or Joyous Participant? Examining the Stereotype

I've heard it said that artists are unstable, unreliable, flaky, unreasonable, quirky..... The list of negative personality and character traits often attributed to creative people seems endless. But I know many people who are bitter, negative, moody or withdrawn, and they are not artists! Likewise, I know many artists who have balance and perspective as very evident traits in their personalities, who at the same time are capable of great creative vision, passion, and works of commitment and imagination.

For me, art and design have been a source of joy in my life since the time, long ago, when I first played with "Colorforms" as a small child. Viewing the art of other artists, both the great and the less well-known, and doing my own art, has seemed to elevate me above the ups and downs of the everyday world, and to lift me beyond whatever sadness or despair I might feel.

I would make the point that there are people in every field of endeavor who are evolved, stable, self-aware, and competent, and also in every field, those who are self-indulgent, biased, regressive, or just plain "insane." For this reason I dislike the stereotype of the artist as a"tortured soul," and don't accept it. Though I will concede that some artists may produce their greatest works at times when their equilibrium is upset by human suffering, either their own or other's, I believe that many artists are very conscious of peace and social justice issues, and are often outward-looking and active in the pursuit of solutions.

In fact, most artists I've known love to share and communicate as well as enjoy all the immutable and ubiquitous beauties of the world. To the artists of the world I say: Ignore the stereotypes and create in joy!

To read more of my thoughts on the creative process, please visit:, or read my articles on Creativity Portal. All text c 2006 Lynda Lehmann. The image above is "Souls of a Restless Sort," done in ink on vellum. I always loved biomorphs, so this is one of my favorite drawings. Prints are available at my site listed above.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Photomanipulation of original close-up of crystal, in Photoshop. What I like about abstraction is the ambiguity of it, so that I can interpret what my eye sees on many levels. Image c Lynda Lehmann. Available at .

What do YOU see in it?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Love an Old-Fashioned Christmas?

I've always loved an old-fashioned Christmas including an old-fashioned tree.

In 2000 I decided to design my own old-fashioned themed Christmas Ornaments from polymer clay. The first was a 3-inch Santa Claus. He turned out so adorable. I enjoyed the process so much that here we are 7 years later - I'm still sculpting Christmas ornaments!

My line of ornaments include not only 3-inch tall Santas, but also Mrs. Clauses, Toy Soldiers, Sitting Elves, Elves on Candycanes, and Snowmen. I haven't taken pictures of the snowmen yet, but will be GIVING SOME AWAY!

LABOR DAY SPECIAL!! Through 9-7-07...if you purchase 3 Christmas Ornaments, I'll GIVE you a 4th free....a cute little snowman!

So come on by my website and purchase your own old-fashioned ornaments. :)

Sharon K. Shubert

Saturday, September 01, 2007

International Online Exhibit

I am proud to announce the participation of Worldwide Women Artists Online in an International Online Exhibit. Thirty-four member artists will be featured.

World Wide Women's Artists Online is an international collective of women artists showing and selling their original art on the worldwide web.

Texas artist, Sharon K. Shubert is the first WWAO member to host this new series of international group exhibits on her website.

The Countries represented are Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

The 34 exhibiting artists will be showcasing a variety of mediums and styles. Sharon has put together a creative and interesting show. The exhibit can be viewed starting September 1, 2007 and ending 30, 2007.

All works are offered for sale. Contact information for each artist is available on Sharon's web site.

Be sure to see this wonderful international showing of creative women artists and vote for your favorite piece of art.