Saturday, March 04, 2006

From The Koi Pond Series

My latest abstract painting from my Koi Pond Series. When I was younger I loved watching all the koi in my grandparent's and great uncle's ponds. All the orange and red colors moving about with excitement. But the painter in me decided to change the mucky green algae-ridden color to a nice turquoise/teal palette, more fitting for the beautiful koi . . . 20% of the sale price will be donated to Direct Relief International

Playing In The Sun

These red poppies on gangly stems swaying in the breeze are a figment of my imagination as my black thumb seems to have killed off all of my plants even though they I've been told they are easily grown weeds. 20% of the purchase price will be donated to P.E.A.R.L. Palmetto Equine Awareness & Rescue League. They are dedicated to the preservation and welfare of all equines and are establishing a horse food bank to help horse owners when they fall on hard times. Click on either picture to read more about each respective painting.

20% of March sales of my craft items, including handmade soaps, will be donated to PEARL

Haru ("Spring") Happiness Soaps

haru means spring in Japanese and thekanji design on the soap is for "happiness." The soaps are slightly sage-colored imparted from the essential oils (no detergents!) - the scent is fruity & herbal at the same time. I originally was going to name my newest unique blend of essential oils "Mutt" because it has so many essential oils in it, but didn't think it dignified for such an uplifting happy scent. I started to make my usual ginger-lime (which everyone loves), but I'm a scent-junkie so I had to add stuff into the mix and am very pleased with the final scent. I think this is one of two of my new favorites - if you liked my Lavender Rosemary Citrus, you'll probably like this too. Each soap comes wrapped with a raffia tie (see picture). If you're interested in my cold-process version of this, it's still curing.

Some of the essential oils in the "mutt" mix, which I kept tweaking until my nose said "YEAH!": ginger, lime, juniper, ylang-ylang, clary sage, eucalyptus, geranium

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Teresa said...

This new scent sounds great! My mom just LOVES your rosemary lavender citrus soap! :)