Sunday, August 20, 2006

Original Zen Mini Painting, Starting at only $1

"Butterfly in Cherry Blossoms":

eBay Item 180020429962

Starts at only $.99!

A Camberwell Beauty (or Mourning Cloak) butterfly among branches of cherry blossoms. This is my favorite type of butterfly because, when I was a little girl, one landed on my dress and stayed with me all day.

This miniature feng shui piece, part of the Zen Mandala modern art series (botanical abstract landscapes in a contemporary Asian style), is a miniature original acrylic painting (2.5" x 3.5", standard trading card size). The copyright watermark does not appear on the actual painting.

This is my entry in the Nibblefest Art Contest, a themed art contest beginning on the 20th of each month on eBay. Please be sure to search for NFAC to see more great entries, each starting at just $0.99. Thanks!

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