Thursday, October 19, 2006

Paper Piecing

Awhile back I came up with my own "twist" on paper piecing. The term paper piecing is used in quilting and refers to the unique, intricate designs used. The term also refers to scrapbooking layouts.

My paper piecing is using pieces of hand-cut artistic papers to create and design a work of art. In small works, such as this set of ACEO's (Art Cards Editions & Originals), I had to use tweezers to handle the teeny-tiny pieces of paper. Each card takes a few hours to complete. The result is OOAK. I don't make prints of my ACEO's and no two are alike!

This set started out as 5 separate trading cards in a SERIES of Native American paper piecing folk art cards. 2 from the set sold in ebay auctions earlier this year. The remaining 3 shown here are currently FOR SALE on my website under the ACEO section. The back of each is designed to coordinate with the front of the card and is signed/dated and marked for the SERIES, for collecting purposes.

A nice unique SET to add to any ACEO collection!

Sharon K. Shubert Art Designs

UPDATE: This set is no longer for sale. -Sharon

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