Thursday, June 21, 2007

Parallel Lives

An elderly woman walks her bicycle down a narrow Alassio street, while a younger woman veers off the street into an adjacent doorway. They are in such close proximity in space and time, but each is oblivious of the other.

"Parallel Lives" can be looked at in several ways, I guess. It's a good metaphor for alienation and depersonalization and such. It could also be a metaphor for pattern and routine and limited consciousness/entrenched thinking, with the way the structures of those doors wall the woman in. And it could be a comment on aging, of course. Or culture. What does it make you think of? Image c Lynda Lehmann.

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1 comment:

Sharon K. Shubert said...

Hey Lynda,

Actually the pic looks to me like a kindly old grandmother pushing her grandchild's bike (the person in the doorway)...or holding onto the bike while the grandchild does something else.


Another way I look at it makes me feel a lonliness for some reason...I guess because the buildings are so tall with so many doors as if there should be a lot of people out and about, yet there's just this old woman with the bike and the person you see a glimpse (sp?) of may not even see her as you said.