Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Coyote

I've created wolf and coyote art in the past, so it's not a new subject. However, this new digital design, titled, "Fall Coyote" was inspired by coming face to face with a coyote in my back yard here in Texas! I was so startled and amazed.

My husband and I were sitting out back in the wee hours of the morning (around 1:00am), just enjoying conversation, the full moon and a slight breeze. All of the sudden a coyote comes trotting across the grass just yards away! He obviously had no idea we were sitting there in the shadows.

My first reaction was trying to whistle to get his attention! lol...yes, I tried to whistle, but was so excited, the whistle wouldn't come out, so I jumped up and yelled, "HEY!!". (hahaha)

The coyote stopped in his tracks and turned around staring at me just like the coyote in this new artwork I've created. Then he took off running into the night! What a wonderful experience!

You can purchase a print of this OOAK design by visiting my website: (See the DIGITAL PRINTS section)

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myonlyphoto said...

Wow, Lynda, this art piece is so nice, and unusual. I like it very much. That leaf like texture really makes this piece very unique. Anna :)