Sunday, February 17, 2008


I designed a set of Purple Tree HAIKU ACEO's (Artists Cards Editions & Originals) a few years ago; after initially creating Purple Tree Note Cards and selling them for awhile.

NEW...this same design is now available in RED via my website OR my new Etsy shop! This set of 5 ACEO's includes 5 different 5/7/5, 17-syllable HAIKU written on the backs in India Ink.

This set is so much nicer in person than the pic can depict. It's a wonderful set to give as a gift to a special friend and/or loved one. OR...give away one-at-a-time to lift someone's spirit, bring a smile to someone's face or just to say "have a nice day" in a HAIKU kind of way. :)

I ship the set in matching artsy fiber paper wrapped with fibers.

If you'd rather have the PURPLE set, it's still available in both shops also.

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Sharon K. Shubert aka redladyart

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