Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Tail Wind" horse photo, by Donna Ridgway

I like close up crops of horses. You see all the contours that make up the shape of a horse. Hills and valleys, ridge tops, it's all there, like a topo map!

Along with all that, I think the title of this photo gives it a little sense of humor.

I've started a website, with my photos. You'll see many photos of what we find in Montana- scenery and animals. On another side of the site, you'll find photos for artists to use for reference in their works of art.

Hope you enjoy the photo!
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Donna Ridgway


Lynda Lehmann said...

Good title, Donna! I see the humor but would hate to be standing downwind!!

You are fortunate to live in a scenic place where you can own horses and ride them!

They ARE beautiful animals!

Madelaine said...

Awesome picture Donna! And thanks for the link to the reference photos. :)

Ruth Palmer said...

Haha! Great stuff Donna! Definitely a sense of humor to it! Just hope he doesn't lift his tail, LOL!