Friday, September 19, 2008

new aceos

Used several different methods to do these, the little girls, I painted the card, and then glued the girls on, border is what was cut from the card below it.
The duckie background scene was painted with watercolors, then I found that little duck in a magazine and it was perfect so glued it on and the words, which are fabric.
Wish is on a painted black background (watercolor), the figure is from a magazine and was shown as a jewelry, the words are fabric and can mean whatever you want them too, I wish I looked like that..LOL
The 2 plain ones were done by the shaving cream marbling method using watercolor paints and they may just stay plain because I love them the way they are :-)
Strawberry one was also done with the shaving cream, strawberries are fabric glued on, I have since painted a thin *chocolate* border around this one.
They have all been given a coat of gel medium and when dry will do another of matte medium and then later one of varnish. They are all made using 140lb watercolor paper.

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