Friday, February 06, 2009

Raven Haiku Mixed Media Painting

Here's a new mixed media piece I did today. It's for sale on my website....titled, "Raven Haiku". See the "Watercolor and Ink" section, although it also includes collage elements and my own 5/7/5, 17-syllable haiku.

The raven is a drawing I did. I used the drawing as a template to cut it out as a silhouette from black art paper...then collaged it onto the watercolor and ink background.

Come on by my site and browse around. I'll put the coffee on. :)


Jean Levert Hood said...

I love this piece, Sharon! Wow!

Ruth Palmer said...

Love it!!!

Sharon K. Shubert said...

Hey thank you Jean and Ruth. :)

Artist Tree said...

I love the deep contrast and the sharp lines of the raven. The piece is warm and inviting yet has a nice creepy element too -- I LIKE that! ;)

Sharon K. Shubert said...

Ok Tree, I wasn't going for a creepy element. ha ha ha...just kidding. I like it when viewers of my work see something I hadn't intended. :)