Thursday, April 09, 2009

New Watercolor Flower aceo's

I created this little aceo (art cards editions and originals) a couple of days ago. I used salt for some effect (the white splotches). I had alot of fun creating it because it's way different from what I usually do. I decided to name it Raining Petals, mostly because that's what comes to mind when I look at it. I think it has a nice spring feel to it.
I will be puting it up for sale on my
etsy shop and also upload it to my website today (is the plan)
I also will be creating products with this image on at my
CafePress and Zazzle shops.
This one is similar to the other, I painted them at the same time. Basically, while I was waiting for one to dry, I would work on the other. It worked great. Felt like no waiting time.
This one I named Red Love Flower. Honestly I couldn't think of anything else except red flower, but then there's that upside down heart, so I threw the word 'love' in there. I think it works.
Again, you will be able to find this aceo painting for sale at my
etsy shop today or tomorrow, and you will soon be able to find this design on my Zazzle and CafePress shops.
I like posting my new stuff here first, that's why they aren't listed in my other shops, or even my
website yet. Hope you don't mind.

God Bless your day : )

Thought for the day: No matter how hard things get or how bad things look, I can always depend on and lean on Jesus to get me through. I don't have to take the burden of this world on my own shoulders. His shoulders are so much better equipped to carry it. Dwell on God instead of the problems.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Great job, Brenda! Salt is so fun in watercolor, love the little surprises it makes.

and as to your thought for the day, I can only say "Amen!"