Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Beautiful fabric and hand stamped lettering in this mixed media ACEO,simply entitled 'ART'
Work includes fibers,stitch,paper,handmade felt,sequins,beads and one of my own hand made clay face cabs. It is backed with beautiful handmade natural kozo paper with leaf and petal inclusions. Gorgeously tactile piece of art.
Individual addition to your art card collection!
Signed and dated on the reverse.

What are ACEOs???? ACEO is the acronym for "Art Cards Editions and Originals". An ACEO is a small piece of art that can be defined by it's convenient 2.5 x 3.5 inch size. (Standard trading card size)
ACEOs are VERY different from trading cards however, because they are CREATED and traded or sold by artists. All my ACEOs are absolute ORIGINAL pieces of art! (Some artists choose to sell prints of their work -'editions' )

ACEOs are created in any medium available in the art world.
This piece is currently available in my etsy store please CLICK HERE to visit there now!

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TOMAS said...

What was named as simply entitled "Art" have pierced deeply into my heart. What was included in the image melt into one hot 'Wow!'
Thank you for .... I love THAT. For sure.
Thank you for the visit to my blog, for your precious comment.

I am hard to convert inch size into the centimeter dimensions. Thus it was hard to visualize your image in its real size, yet the above didn't miss to sense the picture - that was the heart that embraces the whole Earth and warms me like all other who had luck to glimpse at your creations. Thank you for the touch of love and curiosity.