Monday, August 15, 2011

The Hollyhock Stalk

"The Hollyhock Stalk"

This year, in my flower garden, the hollyhocks grew to be 9 feet tall.  I was amazed!  There's a full six foot of flowers and blossoms showing on each stem, plus the huge leaves they bear.

I decided the hollyhock stalk was the hero in this flower drama, for they bear the weight of it all!  They don't break in the breeze, and sway back and forth gracefully.  I did give them a bit of help by roping them to the yard fence in a few places, but mostly they stand alone.

I just hope they do this again next year, for I've been enjoying them so much!

If you stand level, inside the grouping of hollyhocks, this is the view you see as you look toward the sun.  I love to stand inside the tall plants, and look out!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these flowers...

The original painting is for sale in the Artist Peeps R Us gallery on Etsy.

Hope your summer is treating you well!
Donna Ridgway


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I love this painting. In my old garden we just to have hollyhocks in several colors. They just grew wild like weeds, but they were beautiful.