Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How about 6 months of clean fun for Mom?

6 months of non-stinky mom!Stumped for a gift for Mom? How about a 6-month subscription for a handmade soap and lip balm club? Every month, for 6 months, the recipient will get a full-sized handmade bar of soap (or 2 smaller ones) and a lip balm. Click here for more details on the subscription and how to purchase.

:: Why use handmade soaps?
Glycerin is produced during "saponification" – the process in which fatty acids are converted into soap. Glycerin is a humectant – it attracts moisture – and is removed during most commercial soap-making processes, reserved for use in more expensive products such as lotions or cosmetics. Well, I don't believe in that, so all of the glyecerin is kept in the bars of soap I produce which are made from food-grade oils. This results in a gentle soap which retains many additional constituents which are nourishing. Unfortunately, we in the US have been conditioned to regard high-lather capability with "good" soap but lathering often results in a harsh soap and lab-created chemicals such as lauryl sulfate (detergents) are added to many commercially-produced products (which the FDA does not allow to be labelled as soap) to provide such "super-lather." My soap formulations attempt to strike a balance between creating a nice, satisfying discernable lather and providing a gentle skin-pampering soap. Cruelty-free, no animal testing (except by me and those I know) & biodegradable.

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Unknown said...

Fantastic idea! This soap is wonderful.