Sunday, August 19, 2007


I just wanted to share this beauty of a Maine sunset with you. The backlit clouds and their reflection on the lake surface were just glorious!

I love being in a place where the fabric of the land is not torn and tattered, where the Earth's skin is still (relatively) healthy and brimming with life. No litter, no crowds, no noise: just the gentle wind on your face, reflections silver on the smooth water, and a panorama of the heavens unfolding on the twilit sky. You can have a sense of yourself in relation to the universe, and tune in to your thoughts in a focused way that's not often possible, with all the distractions of modern life.

How will we preserve what's left of our natural heritage, these pristine and "holy" places, for future generations?

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zJayne said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I was able to visit Maine several years ago to see a friend I had gone to school with in Florida and she moved back north. What a wonderful environment...thank you for sharing.