Sunday, March 02, 2008

Our Art, Our Selves: Selected Self-Portraits March Exhibit

March brings us this wonderful exhibit of self-portraits by some of the fabulous artists of Worldwide Women Organization!

To view each artist's work individually, please click on the participants names below:

A special thank you to Robin Hernandez for organizing this event! Robin best summarizes her professional work with sculpture, ceramics, paintings, and other wonderful multi-media art in this way:

"I make art using a variety of media. Of particular interest to me is creating art from found objects, and returning them to their former glory as prized property. In blending the human figure with these “rescued” objects--I create sculpture that is highly anthropomorphic, thus illustrating the connections we have to our personal belongings.

I am an interdisciplinary artist, not feeling constrained to work in any one medium."

Click on her banner to view her work!

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