Monday, March 03, 2008

Paint Rope horse, "All Round Athlete".

Not only is this horse focusing on the calf ahead of him, he's completely tuned into his rider, while he's running from 0-40 mph in 2 seconds. In two more seconds, he'll come to a complete stop and run backward to hold the calf down! He's an all round athlete of the first class.

I entered this paint rope horse in the APHA World Poster Contest. Not caring if he gets in or not, just wanted to enter something. Most of the posters from past years have had something to do with kids and horses, I wanted to show the other side of a paint horse, the working hard side....
Donna Ridgway

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Glorious Hats said...

Oh Donna, this is awesome. The intensity and focus really comes through on the face. Your knowledge about horse - human working interaction come through as well making this a painting with tremendous feeling. While I'm not familiar with horses, do know polled hereferd cows and farm dogs and wish I could capture their features and characters as you have done with this marvelous working horse. Since painting is not my line, will simply enjoy your work. Thanks so much for putting it here.