Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Flash Website

New Website
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I found a web space for free flash websites...well I'm ALL ABOUT THE FREE, although I do pay when I find something I truly enjoy or find useful. I have looked at other "Free Flash" sites, and most of them seem pretty lame. WIX however is pretty cool.There is a lot of lag at times, but I think that may work itself out. or it could be my connection. So that being said I am recommending it if your looking to create a slick flash site. Although I would always keep a basic HTML site available for people who don't want flash.
SO here si my Falshy Flash site, it's still in a beta condition, but feel free to pop by and post a comment here.


brendathour said...

I love your flashy website. Love the butterflies on the home page. Very nice.

Cathy ~o said...

Just checked out your website and it is very nice. So tell me was that easy to do, or do you need to know a lot of coding and stuff?