Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Flash Website

New Website
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I found a web space for free flash websites...well I'm ALL ABOUT THE FREE, although I do pay when I find something I truly enjoy or find useful. I have looked at other "Free Flash" sites, and most of them seem pretty lame. WIX however is pretty cool.There is a lot of lag at times, but I think that may work itself out. or it could be my connection. So that being said I am recommending it if your looking to create a slick flash site. Although I would always keep a basic HTML site available for people who don't want flash.
SO here si my Falshy Flash site, it's still in a beta condition, but feel free to pop by and post a comment here.


Unknown said...

I love your flashy website. Love the butterflies on the home page. Very nice.

Unknown said...

Just checked out your website and it is very nice. So tell me was that easy to do, or do you need to know a lot of coding and stuff?