Friday, October 24, 2008

Picture "retakes" of My Sculpted Ornaments

I've been sculpting and selling my Christmas ornaments since 2000. It was about time to take some better pictures. So my site and my Etsy shop have been updated with new pics. They really came out good for the most part.

Here's a few examples of the handsculpted Christmas ornaments I currently have for sale:

No two ornaments are exactly alike, even if based on the same design, because no molds are used in my sculpting work. Each is hand-sculpted from solid polymer clay, baked, painted with professional grade acrylics and glazed. A gold thread hanger is attached.

Wouldn't YOUR Christmas tree look adorable decorated with some of my ornaments? Hand down from generation to generation for a sentimental holiday heirloom.

More Christmas sculptures (not just ornaments), are available on my website:

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