Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New accessories store on etsy!

I have decided to open a second etsy store, featuring my fiber/textile art accessories and jewellery items!
Please do visit there soon and take a peek ( comments welcome,bear in mind that it's still being added to so not all the stock is there yet!)
I have worked so hard and achieved some well earned success in designing and selling these pieces. I do not compromise myself and copy the work of others, as I believe there is room for everybody to do their own thing.Consequently I was REALLY upset to find that not just one,but now TWO of my previous customers have bought pieces from me in order to copy and sell for themselves - have these people no integrity? ( or originality,skill,imagination or shame for that matter?):(....sorry, I won't dwell on that, but cannot help but feel offended!
Anyways,the new store vividspirit.etsy.com
showcases my pieces beautifully,much better and still the original and BEST QUALITY accessories of this type-and of course,my original store will continue to be crammed full of mixed media and textile art as always! Take a peek now!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

I looked through your site. Your pieces are lovely. Sorry to hear about the copycats. But your work will shine through!

Chrisy said...

oh dear...such a shame that this sort of thing happens....you work is lovely...

Sujati said...

Aw,thanks guys-am sorry for the moan,but feel better now! :)