Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ten Random Things About Art Response

ights free music from again

This is my response to the "Ten Random Things About Art " I totally cheat by adding some 10a 10 b etc but then again it's my challenge and rule were meant to be broken :P Actually it was more becuase I had to distill mine down from 25 random things. it's a bit of a crap video, but what the hey. All the art work (except for the first piece which is by Margret Keane , a brilliant Big Eyed Artist, and the child painting, which was done by my daughter AND both are favourites of mine) are original piece by moi.
All my videos are free to use for anyone who wants, the only request is that you do not suggest that the art work is your own! OTHERWISE have fun!

sorry about the fumbling voice over.I never realized I had a speech impediment until I started hearing my own voice recorded!!

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