Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Across The Road Watercolor & Ink Painting

This is my first plein air painting titled, "Across the Road". This scene is indeed just across the road from my home. What lies behind the trees is a wildlife park and small lake where we like to go picnic and fish. It is so beautiful and tranquil there! Spending time in this place has inspired many of my artworks and my writing.

There are a variety of animals in the park, especially birds. We see a lot of herons and sometimes they fly over here and land out back. When I was recuperating from surgery, I watched one out my window for quite awhile. It was a beautiful sight and made me feel so uplifted.

Coyotes also wander over here from the park, usually late at night, and I've seen a wolf or two! Seeing them just yards away inspired me to create a coyote/wolf series of digital art works awhile back. This area is an abundance of natural resources that I treasure.

This painting is 12 x 9-inches and is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Sharon K. Shubert aka redladyart


Renée Gandy said...

I love the view across the road :)
Very nice plein air.

Sujati said...

Lovely work Sharon-a real sense of peace captured in this one, I can tell how you enjoyed creating it!

Unknown said...

Thanks Renee and Sue. :) Yes, I loved painting it! I plan on doing more plein air paintings at the park that lies behind those trees when the weather is nicer.