Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sculpting Mortimer Birds

I worked on another bird sculpture today. I've dubbed these birds, "Mortimer Birds". They are inspired by a watercolor painting I did a few weeks ago....Mortimer is the name I gave the bird in the painting when it first inspired me to write some children's stories about this funky little bird. (I haven't finished the stories yet.)

So since I'd rather be doing art than writing, I sculpted a Mortimer bird and put him in an assemblage piece (posted here previously). He turned out so cute (cuter in person that he is in the pics), I decided to do more, in a more simple sculpture than the assemblage piece was.

The pics shown here are today's work in the studio....this Mortimer Bird was sculpted and baked, his legs were woodburned, the base was sculpted and baked. I'll paint him tomorrow and varnish the legs.

Mortimer Birds will be available on my website or in my Etsy shop soon. I do have a sculpted bird without the striped legs in my Etsy shop right now though if you're interested. Mortimer Birds are the style shown here, with the woodburned bamboo striped long legs.

UPDATED 3-4-09: Here's one of the finished Mortimer Birds. It is now listed in my Etsy shop!

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amelie westwood. said...

wow, i'm so glad i stumbled onto this blog. i love etsy & those birds are just adorable and so well finished. good job.