Thursday, March 19, 2009

Green Llama

I'm doing chores for my neighbor while she's in Mexico. Part of chores, is visiting with the animals, and this critter is one we talk to. Kind of like Dr Doolittle!

There are baby goats in the pen with this llama, he knows his job is to guard those goats, if we get close, he gurgles and wiggles his lips, I know he wants to spit at us. So far, he's resisted! But even though I don't trust him, I love his haughty looking face. So had to paint him.

I painted a green horse for St Pat's day, and started this llama the same day, so he's kind of green too! This painting is 16X20 inches. Email me if you want this painting,
Donna Ridgway

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Sharon K. Shubert said...

What an interesting change of pace in your art/painting Donna! He looks like such a character. :) Nice work!