Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Book of Tags ...

I am delighted to be offering for sale this lovely fabric art concertina style book, made from heaps of yummy fabrics .
It is filled with a selection of five (5) darling little tags, all handmade textile art ,stamped with words such as care,love,always...plus faces and pretty embroidered designs. The whole thing folds up concertina style and slips into a case made from vintage fabric.Every surface is embellished lavishly,inside and out!
Nothing to stop you, of course, using the folding booklet to keep your own special keepsakes in and taking out the tags to embellish your journals,art, or even special gifts.
Each tag is layered intricately and many of my own hand dyed fabrics are used too. Each is finished with stunning colourful yarns,ribbons and fibers. Tags measure an average of about 2" long.
This book,closed, measures ( approximately ) 4" x 3",( not including all the trails of lace and fiber embellishments) and ( approx) 2" or so thick.
A really delightful collection of truly unique art tags!
Currently available for sale CLICK HERE!!

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Natasha Sazonova said...

What a great idea! It looks amazing!!! I'm inspired!