Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sculptures in progress

I took another pic of the griffin sculpture I've been working on after I finished detailing it:

Since then, it has received about 8 coats of latex, which means I still have about another 8 coats to go.

I am also working on a wall plaque of two knights on a horse, based on a lead seal from 1168. The design is only roughed in at this stage, so I still have a lot of detailing to do:

The detailing will take me most of the rest of the day, since I still have to carve in all the details and smooth it off. Then it will receive 12-16 coats of latex, and will be ready to be cast in hydrostone after the latex cures for a couple of days. Then the hydrostone gets painted. Although the originals for these were wood and lead respectively, I will probably paint them to look like stone.

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