Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Magnets & Pushpins

Many thanks to WagerWitch for being a blog fan as well as reminding and encouraging me to do my blog work.

Pictured here are some ceramic clay magnets and pushpins listed at my Etsy Shop.

These glazed ceramic clay magnets and pushpins are modeled to resemble seashells and sea skeletons. I collected the shells used to create these pieces.

The shells are made of cone 06 clay and glazed with cone 04 glazes. Typically, I make these clay pieces to use in my mosaics, but I thought I'd use them to make refrigerator magnets since they seem to be so popular.

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Spicy Banana

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1 comment:

The Wager Witch said...

Mwah!!! Yes, Blogging is VERY important!

And art is always wonderful no matter how it is done, everything has beautiful depending on whose viewpoint you manage to see it from. To a blind man, a blob of clay unformed holds mountains and valleys and textures and smells.

To those that can see - it is a blob.

But there is wonder IN EVERYTHING.

and Mosaics are WONDERFUL!