Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mermaid Limited Edition ACEO Mini Print...Hand Embellished by the Artist!

"Moon Rising in Orange Sunset":

Item 180030532841

A luminous full moon rises through the twilight sky, which is in shades of brilliant orange, red and purple. A mermaid watches a wave breaking on the rocks. Her tail is magenta with metallic gold highlights. Her hair is in shades of purple. This ocean seascape is offered as a limited-edition art card print from an original painting by Laura Milnor Iverson, a professional California artist (San Francisco Bay area). It has been hand-embellished by the artist (me). The sea spray has had acrylic paint added and gold metallic paint highlights the mermaid's tail.

This painting is my entry in the eBay groups' fairy fun challenge in the "Dark Creatures" category. Search Fairy Fun on eBay for more entries in this competition.

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