Thursday, January 01, 2009

Back At Last!

Due to the sad demise of my computer it has been a long time between posts here!

I am still working on that problem but have managed to procure a temporary measure for now!
Belated HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all you lovely readers!
Here is one of my latest works-'LIGHT AS A BUTTERFLY'. This is currently for sale HERE -and do chedck out my other new listings whilst you are there!

Check back again soon for more new listings and LOADS of new projects coming up in 2009!


Sharon K. Shubert said...

Another cool painting! Girl you are on a roll! :)

Ruth Palmer said...

Lovely piece! Happy New Year!

brendathour said...

Glad you have at least a temporary solution. I know when my computer is down it feels like my hands are tied. Went through about a week of that a little bit ago.
Beautiful piece, love the colors and composition.
Happy New Year!

Sujati said...

Wow-thanks so much-and a Happy New Year to you all too!