Monday, January 12, 2009

What a cute squirrel!

When Robert was on the Crazy Horse fire crew near Seeley Lake, Mt we parked the 5th wheel at the Holland Lake Campground and lived there for a month or more. Robert worked at night, driving the water truck, so I'd leave the camper during the day and follow this squirrel around, taking photos of him. I named him Zip.

He got to the point where he'd come to the camper door in the mornings, and chatter for me to come out. He liked being the star of my camera show!
Donna Ridgway
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Sharon K. Shubert said...

Cute shot of Zippy. Squirrels are actually fairly friendly. My grandmother had them visit her daily when she sat on the front porch. They'd chatter away at her, coming very close to her. :)

brendathour said...

What a lovely memory, and what a cute shot!

Ruth Palmer said...

These little guys can become quite tame and very cheeky. Great shot!

Nomad Flavor said...

I love watching squirrels,and you did a good job on capturing this little one.