Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course!

My husband and I "met" this lovely steed at a local historic event in rural Maine last summer. Scribner's Mill, to be exact, where local history and customs were being celebrated. Here, "Molly The Hungry Horse" takes time out for a late afternoon snack of hay. She was personable enough to give us a glance, even as we interrupted her meal. I'm taken by the shock of hair in her eyes, her long whiskers, and the morsels of hay protruding from her mouth. Cuteness aside, horses are beautiful and noble animals.

Image and text c Lynda Lehmann. My photos and paintings are available at http://www.lyndalehmann.com/. You can read the full text of the above post at my blog, Peripheral Vision, at www.innersights.blogspot.com

I miss my WWAO friends and will stop in soon to catch up on some of the news! The blog is looking great!


Ruth Palmer said...

Beautiful Lynda! We miss you too!

Sharon K. Shubert said...

A beauty for sure! Great shot Lynda. We miss you too. Come on back to the group. :)


Lynda Lehmann said...

I'm back for a time! Just think how many posts I have to read!