Thursday, January 01, 2009

New WWAO Daily Showcase!

To see a DAILY showcase of Worldwide Women Artists' Etsy shop items, visit:

WWAO Showcase

Many of our juried members own Etsy shops and have beautiful unique art items for sale at affordable prices! It's easy, fun shopping! Try it and see!

Each day the 20 featured items will be replaced with 20 different items from our shops.

Thanks for looking!
Sharon K. Shubert


Sujati said...

Thanks for including me in this lovely selection Sharon!

Unknown said...

You are very welcome Sue. :) I'll run this daily showcase for awhile, so will include your work again.


Unknown said...

You are awesome Sharon! I don't know how you do it. Do you ever sleep? Maybe that's it and you only need an hour or two of sleep a night. lol

Lee Pierce said...

Zowie! Thanks for doing this...YES you are amazing!

Unknown said...

ha ha Brenda! You got me. I really do not sleep much at all. I would not sleep if my body didn't insist! :)

I'm a night owl and get up fairly 9 or so. So all of my time is spent on art, supporting artists, housework and cooking!