Friday, June 16, 2006

Celtic Art from Teresa Turner

I finished the Celtic cross I've been working on! Here is a pic of the finished piece:

It's about 3" x 5", created in hydrostone and painted with professional artists' acrylics. Yesterday I added it to my etsy store and it sold within 15 minutes! I have a series of Celtic tree of life drawings, a couple of which I have in my etsy store, and I have more on my web site. Here is one:

Original India ink on handmade mulberry paper

I also made some Celtic-inspired fridge magnets this week:

These are hydrostone too, and are like mini sculptures for a fridge or filing cabinet. I added these to my etsy store, and plan to add them to my web site as well, when I have time.

I have some ideas for other Celtic pieces I hope to create this summer. If you like Celtic art, please stop in again!

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Awesomeart said...

These are marvelous...ancientlooking too.