Sunday, June 18, 2006

New abstract painting from Teresa Turner

I finally finished the abstract painting I'd been working on:

Original acrylics
24" x 36"

I've been working in oils a lot lately, so this is the first acrylic abstract I've done in a while. I enjoy working in both media, as they're very different to work with. Sometimes I enjoy the immediacy of acrylics, being able to apply layers of paint, using washes or glazing, without the drying time oils require.

This painting has some fun patterned textures in the background sections, which don't really show up in the photo. It's raining here today, so there's not a lot of light coming in to my studio. Hopefully when the weather is better I can take some detail pics to show also. I used the textures and color scheme to add a vintage feel, to contrast with the modern composition of the painting, hence the name "Transition".

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