Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Goth Dollie

Here is a new doll I finished a couple of weeks ago. Where do I list her? Esty, ABU or Ebay? Thanks!

I posted her on esty Etsy.


Laura said...

etsy is a good venue for this type of art but, since the duration there is so long, you might want to try ebay first. I don't think ABU would be as likely a venue to sell her, but you never know.


Awesomeart said...

I would list her everywhere, (if it sells in one place you delete it from the others) eBay is very slow but they buy Goth all the time...good luck, let us know what you did, you may want to give a link to your auction.

Lisa said...

Laura ang Griselda,

I posted her on Esty. The link is I maybe listing her on another site after the holiday! Thank you for the tips.