Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Numina Art Dolls

In ancient religions, the numen was a divine spirit or force which was anonymous. Although it was not known as a person, its power and presence were felt. Usually, it was regarded as being attached to some place or object.

I have been working on finishing five small dolls from my "numinous" series.

I just love the sound of these words...numinous, numen and numina; a presiding divinity or spirit of a place, a spirit believed by animists to inhabit certain natural phenomena or objects, a creative energy; genius. By the way, you will find all kinds of references to numina/spirits in a wonderful book written by Charles DeLint, "Dream and Memory"


  • Numina of Compassion for sale on eBay auction

  • 7 day eBay auctions

  • I am listing 4 dolls with .99 to start, I want to see how this works, eBay has been like fishing, I feel sunburned and ready to quit, then someone picks up something from the store and I relax again...interesting situation.

    Please click on the images to enlarge

    By the way, the forms for my numina dolls were created by my friend Monica Magness, if you feel like doing lots of beading she sells them in eBay for a very reasonable price.

  • Monica's eBay Auctions

  • Save yourself the trouble of making a form, Monica's are not only colorful, they are firm and finished to perfection.

    These are some of the dolls I made with her forms:

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    Joy Eliz said...

    Oh!!!! These are absolutely gorgeous!!! love,love,love!