Thursday, May 29, 2008


I don't paint that often these days - maybe once or twice a month, but I finished this yesterday evening about 7 before the sun went down. I sketched and painted it down at the barn and when the wind came up, I moved into my little tack room to finish. It was quite cramped in there with this large painting - a 4' x 3' canvas. I'm happy with this painting because it captures the body styles and personalities of each of my four horses. My four year - Fierte, My 15 year old - Cody, My 5 year old - Vinny, and finally my 10 year old - Georgia. Painted in oils with mostly a palette knife.


Staci Rose said...

Great colors and beautiful image! Wonderful piece! :)

Unknown said...

When I saw this it made me smile. Fantastic painting. Love the looseness and colors are fabulous. Very uplifting and fun painting.

Unknown said...

This caught my eye immediately! I love horses and sure miss owning them. You are very lucky to have them in your life.

A lovely painting!