Friday, May 09, 2008

*Some Guy*

This is my very first attempt at an actual 9x12 portrait type picture,,it was supposed to look like somebody, but it didn't come out the way it should have, but I still like it :-), alright, I will admit it,,I am actually proud of
Of course if anybody figures out who it was supposed to be I will be happy.
Anyway, I have NEVER tried to do anything like this, if drawing is needed for my quilts, I usually get my daughter to do it.
I drew this using a #2 pencil and absolutely NO experience!
So what do you think?


Ruth Palmer said...

Well, Cathy...It's obviously Elvis!

Pretty good for a first attempt I'd say!

paintwithbarb said...

I vote that he is Elvis too! That is my first thought...

Unknown said...

I told you to keep drawing girl! :)


Unknown said...

You should be proud of it. I'm with the others, as soon as I saw it I thought Elvis. You did a fantastic job.