Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sunny Perch, Watercolour Miniature Painting

This is another one of my little bird paintings that I have been playing around for a little while now. I was getting frustrated with the greens (both the convenience and the made-to-order greens) so I placed this one to the side. But, now that I've received my new green (rich green gold from Daniel Smith) I've given it another try. And... I do like the spring freshness that I've been able to achieve now.

chickadee oil painting
"Sunny Perch"
3" x 4" watercolour on paper
© 2008


Lee said...

Lovely and very Spring ★

Sujati said...

Ooh this is just gorgeous-lovely composition and warm summer colours!

brendathour said...

The greens are gorgeous, as is the whole painting.