Monday, August 04, 2008

Babies Everywhere...Tiny Inspirations

There are two new babies in my life. One, a friends of ours just had a little, or should I say, huge baby. He has features from both his parents and I was very happy to see him and hold him in the hospital. His mother, a friend of mine, had a rough pregnancy and was ready to give birth nine months ago...but, surrounded by friends and family with her baby, she glowed.

The second, we just attended his Brit Milah or in Yiddish, his Bris on Friday. He is my cousins second child but first boy. My cousins were very proud of their new addition to the family as was my Great Aunt. Actually, she was a little too excited. When she asked when DH and I were going to have children, I put my arm around DH's neck and said, "Well, we've been trying to get pregnant, but DH just hasn't been able to." Everyone laughed and she left us alone. (PS...I find, when someone says something absurd to you and you respond with something absurd as well, they usually leave you alone.)

At any rate, I created some picture frames, thinking about the babies, and little ones in our lives, in the lives of my clients - recently one client asked me to create two picture frames for her Grand Nieces! I hope you enjoy my new offerings!

Monkey Fun

Elephant Playtime

Purple & Zebras
Currently available in my Etsy Shop

Peter Rabbit
5"x7" Custom Order - Sold

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to purchase one of these frames or have one customized for you!


brendathour said...

These are all adorable picture frames. What a great way to display a favorite photo.

Staci Rose said...

Thanks! I try to make it just decorative enough that the photo isn't obscured...that the photo is the main attraction. :)