Monday, August 25, 2008

Stanley Park Lighthouse

I finished this painting tonight, although it started out as a quick exercise it turned out to take much longer than I though. The sky is my favourite part of this painting... the colours were kept simple (cerulean blue, titanium zinc white, and just a hint of alizarin crimson in the top part of the sky. My goal was to keep the brush strokes simple and loose to capture the more wispy clouds in the sky. I managed to do that.... but, as I tend to do, I tightened up on my brush strokes when I got to the lighthouse.

"Stanley Park Lighthouse"
8" x 10" oil on stretched canvas
© 2008

Feel free to email me if you are interested in this painting.


Renée Gandy said...

Your brushwork really works on this one..I really like it.

Unknown said...

Love the perspective on this piece. You did a wonderful job on that sky and clouds! Now, I am suppose to be taking a shower, but I can't seem to tear myself away from our blog.