Monday, June 02, 2008

Good for Girls, GREAT for Guys! New Gemstone Necklaces!

I have been so lax...and my husband has been stealing a lot...but I have created some new necklaces geared for the guys! My husband has approved each one and is letting me share these with others. He thinks this is a good arrangement - his own personal jeweler

And, like all my jewelry, I do not create duplicates, so each piece is handmade, original, one-of-a-kind. I got tired of seeing the blah shell necklaces or millions made hemp necklaces that get pretty grubby (most guys and gals treat their jewelry very differently!). And, the first men's pieces I made were for my now husband - a 6'3" man to be reckoned with if anyone said anything about his necklace. But, he hears plenty of "Oh, nice necklace!" which makes him feel like a king.

Berkeley - Shell & Onyx Necklace

African Grassland
Kambaba Jasper & Onyx Necklace

Mojave Desert -

Surreal Jasper, Shell & Wood Necklace

Pampas - Blackstone, Nephrite Jade & Serpentine

Outside -
Lapis & Wood Necklace

Motor Oil -
Blackstone & Hematite

Remember! These necklaces are meant to be worn - not merely looked at in a photo. They're created to look good around your neck, no pretension, absolutely masculine. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces; I'd even be excited to create a custom necklace just for you!

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