Wednesday, June 25, 2008

'Kitten Eyes' Scratchboard Drawing

My art for this post is a miniature scratchboard artwork titled 'Kitten Eyes, Too'. The scratchboard size is 6" x 4". This little cutie is also from my 'Cat Eyes' series. Baby animals are all legs and all eyes. Their awkward appearance adds to their attraction for us. I grew up on a farm and one of my spring activities was looking for new kittens. You can contact me with any comments or questions you might have.

Kitten Eyes, Too, Miniature Scratchboard Artwork, Collection of B. Thomas

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Jean Levert Hood said...

'Kitten Eyes, Too' is adorable! I'm a major cat fan, and this is too cute! I love painting animals and birds.

Sharon K. Shubert said...

How adorable! Fantastic attention to detail Denise! :))


brendathour said...

Fantastic artwork. I love it!

Madelaine said...

How cute.. :) Love the look in his eyes.