Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm a Writer, So COMMISSION Me!

Love someone but don't know how to tell them? Want to send a romantic loving poem or note to a special person? Need someone to write website content? A business article? What to do when you don't know WHAT TO SAY or HOW to say it? COMMISSION ME to write it for you!!!

I am a published author of short stories, poetry, prose, HAIKU, and business articles. I've also recently began to write TANKA.

I will even personalize the poem or note including yours and the recipient's name.


What you will receive is the finished poem or note, etc...via email attachment...if you want a special font, I can do that too. Then you can print and use as desired. This is a internet file transfer item. All writings are processed on Microsoft Word files and will be attached to the delivered email as such.

NOTE: see examples of my writing on my official website:


I will not sell your personalized poem or note, or show it to anyone but YOU. I will only keep one copy for my personal private records.

This will be FUN! Try it and see! Total price will be based on the total number of lines you have me write, and/or any extra steps you order. (such as digital art included) Balance is due in full before I email final written note, digital art design with poem, or article to you.

IF you order your writing item with digital design, as is some of my artwork, the computer file will be sent to you at 300 resolution, perfect for printing yourself. Turn around time should be no more than 2 to 3 days depending on the length of the item you are ordering. I will keep in contact with you throughout the process through email.

Questions? Email me at Sharon@redladyart.com

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